Cycling through Africa to educate rural communities on precious Water

South African friends, Murray Beaumont and Alex Antrobus, are well into their African adventure of cycling, unsupported, from Johannesburg to the top of Lake Victoria, Kenya. And it’s all for their charity of choice, The Water Project, for which they aim to raise US$15,000.

On 19 March they cycled a gruelling 180km through the wildlife-infested area of Hwange to Victoria Falls and chose to stay for two nights, to rest weary limbs, at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, the flagship property of the Africa Albida Tourism hospitality group. Whilst there they still found time to drive home a clarion call about their mission and went to two local schools to make presentations on the precious nature of water.

Their experiences and mission may be viewed on which Murray describes as being “as much a journey as an opportunity to explore and interact with Africa’s wealth of people, places and cultures, as well as a chance to draw sharp attention to one of Africa’s major problems – water! “

The duo set out from Johannesburg in early February and the route has seen them pass through Zimbabwe into Zambia as they proceed to Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

“We will be travelling on highways and remote byways,” said Murray, “and our main interest will be the rivers, watercourses, boreholes and wells along the way to add impetus to our charity, The Water Project.”

The Water Project is an NGO which is installing water facilities in rural Africa in an attempt to alleviate the health, economic and developmental strains that an inadequate supply of water places on rural communities. En route they will visit existing wells that The Water Project has installed and also visit short-listed sites for further wells.

Said Murray, “Our aim is to illustrate what an adequate water supply can provide to communities, and facilitate a relationship between donors and those communities that will likely receive the benefits of donations.”

Murray and Alex will share their experiences during their trip through their blog, their website, Facebook and twitter.


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  1. A couple fiends and I actually had a similar experience however we did all the travel on some quad bikes which made it a little easier

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