A parade of fabulous nature from Paddy’s tours desk

Paddy Morrison has witnessed many special sights during her years managing the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge tours desk…the vista from her vantage point is sublime; she overlooks the waterhole and can scan, almost 180 degrees to the horizon, a pure wilderness without a man-made object in sight.

Sunday 15 April was one those idyllic days made more special by the imminent retirement of the popular Paddy. Let her tell her own story:

“We have had the most amazing afternoon at the waterhole! At 1430 it was surrounded by kudu, impala, warthogs and baboons with several marabou storks preening themselves after sharing the feast at the vulture restaurant…all enjoying the warm sunshine and feeding or drinking at the water’s edge.

“Then at 1515 ten buffalo arrived and shared the waterhole with the Egyptian geese and the storks still hanging around. As the buffalo moved off to higher ground to graze two elephants wandered down at 1600 for an afternoon drink. They allowed about 30 buffalo join them for a while but then suddenly chased them away to join their mates on higher ground.

“The two elephants, satisfied with their chase, moved off only for us to see a small herd of 11 elephants arrive followed by even more buffalo. Suddenly the elephants rushed off; startled I am sure by a crocodile nipping at one of their trunks!”

“It’s now 1730 and the sun is sinking and yet another small herd of elephants has arrived – seven Mums and three small very precious babies. After enjoying a nice long drink they have moved on to the salt lick and enjoying a great feast. The blacksmith plovers have just announced their departure for the evening, leaving behind the hammerkop and our faithful grey heron. It’s a truly fabulous setting with the sun leaving an evening glow over the waterhole. How I am going to miss this wonderful setting!”

All in a day’s work for Paddy!

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